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My areas of expertise:  trauma, chronic pain, ADHD, depression, anxiety, insomnia,

contemplative Christian spirituality, and nervous system regulation.

Adults of all abilities

Children from age 5 of all abilities

Email to schedule an appointment: joyogi5 at or fill out contact form.


Cash, all credit cards, checks payable to Urban Oasis Pittsburgh,PayPal (joanneespence @ yahoo) Venmo (@Joanne-Spence).

Sliding scale fees available upon request based on need and scholarship availability.

I am committed to my services being available to you regardless of your ability to pay.  

Let's think creatively.

Whole Health Tune-Up


The point of yoga therapy is for you to feel comfortable in your body and trusting your own ability to listen to what your body needs. I can help you to get there. It doesn’t take long, but it is hard work. It is practice over time. Some clear customized instruction, a compassionate and radical acceptance of oneself, plus a few yoga props helps to get you unstuck (if you are stuck) and moving in the direction of flourishing and well-being.



Whole Tune-up $318

Who it's for: I am generally fine, but I need some support with my movement/breath practices.

What you'll get:

A thorough yoga therapy evaluation

A customized and recorded home yoga practice (70 minute session)

30 minute follow-up session

2 group yoga classes (Zoom)

Email support

Total Overhaul $571

Who it's for: I am a wreck. Send help. I am as stiff as a board most days. I have various and miscellaneous aches and pains. My mood is poor. I don’t feel good about myself.

What you'll get:

A thorough yoga therapy evaluation

A customized and recorded home yoga practice (70 minute session)

1 x 45 minute follow-up session

4 group yoga classes (Zoom)

Email support

Transform Me $1,273

Who's it for: I need a new body. I hate exercise. Nothing feels good anymore. I don’t even recognize myself when I look in the mirror.

What you'll get:

A thorough yoga therapy evaluation

A customized and recorded home yoga practice (70 minute session)

2 x 45 minute follow-up session

10 group yoga classes (Zoom)

Email support

One-on-one therapy

$150/per 60 min. session

This is a private yoga class customized to meet your needs. It begins with you completing an intake form giving some background information about your health in general. It is an opportunity to work on something specific or learn or explore what sort of yoga practice would benefit you. You will be seen and heard.

Group yoga therapy

$200-$350 (2-8 people) per 60 min. session

For 2-8 people for people who prefer to be in a group setting, bring your friends - the class will be tailored to your group. Times available according to studio availability and your schedule.

DVD Absolute Beginner Yoga

$15 (includes tax and shipping)

Click on the Buy Now button to the right.

Start your home practice right away with this simple, easy-to-follow resource.

The DVD includes a 15 minute chair practice, a 20 minute standing practice and several other practices to get you started on your own.


$100-$2500 p.p. (depending whether 2-4 hr)

     Signature Workshops:

An Introduction to Trauma-informed Yoga:

    What is it?  

    Basics of teaching trauma-informed yoga.

Beyond Burnout:  Recognizing Secondary Trauma when working with 'At-Risk'Populations

    What is secondary trauma?

    Tools to recognize and mitigate secondary trauma

Yoga Skills for Clinicians:

    In this workshop you will be introduced to 4 types of gentle movement and 3 breathing exercises that you can practice for yourself

    and teach to your clients.

Yoga for Mood Management:

    In this workshop you will be introduced to the LifeForce Yoga Chakra Clearing Meditation and its application for stabilizing one's

    mental health.

Contemplative Practices for the Christian Journey:

    What is a Rule of Life?

    How to have your own Rule of Life

    Including embodied practices in Rule of Life

Customized Workshops to Meet Your Organization's Needs

Trainings & Certifications

$700-$1,650 p.p. (depending whether 1-3 days)


Chair Yoga for Clinicians - 1 day training

Chair Yoga Teacher Training (for yoga teachers) - 2 days

Yoga in Schools Yoga Teacher Training (K-5th Grade)

InHabit Curriculum:  Contemplative Practices for Middle School

Embodied Spiritual Direction

Sliding Scale Fee available or $75 per session

In person or online (Zoom, Skype)

Spiritual direction is usually a monthly, hour long practice that is never about the life of the mind or the spirit alone! It is a process of listening together with a guide to the ways that your life in faith involves your whole being and how this life is unfolding under the influence of God’s Spirit. I call that embodied spiritual direction.

Read more here.


Theme-based retreats on yoga and spiritual practices.

Call for pricing.


$150/per 60 min.

I offer mentoring for yoga teachers, counselors, therapists, psychologists who are interested in getting their Level I certification with the LifeForce Yoga Institute.

I also offer ongoing mentoring to professional counselors interested in integrating mind body practices for themselves and their clients.


Call for pricing

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